Friday, September 11, 2009

Inchie Card Class

I had so much fun last night in my September Class for the Paper Niche - the Inchie Card Set. I had five wonderful ladies join me. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, but believe me when I tell you that every student applied their own creativity to their card set and came up with wonderful ideas. We used two Inchie sets to make Thank You and Birthday Cards. Thanks for joining me, ladies!

After my next class tomorrow, i'll be posting the directions for the Card Set and Card Holder on the blog.

I hope everyone is doing well - life is crazy for me right now between packing and get the new house ready to move into. My crafting time has been a bit comprimised, and I haven't been to a crop in what feels like ages, but I'm trying to get art into the mix here and there. :)

Take care everyone!


  1. Oh Amy, it looks gorgeous! I still have not used my inch stamp set yet... I wish I was there to take your class!!!! Miss ya very much.

  2. Yay! Glad you had a good class!! :)